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    We supply all kinds of Ceramics

    Bonsai pot

    Garden pot

Jiangsu Yixing Ceramic Group  Imp.& Exp Corp. Ltd.  is one of the biggest bases in China, mainly
manufacturing  &  exporting all  kinds of ceramics to the world. More and more experiences  have
collected as we have been dealing with export business for more than 20 years. Our products with
best price & good quality, have been well sold to over 50 countries and districts of the world.
    Indoor Pot
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Yixing Teapot

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                                 OUR MAIN PRODUCTS:


                           1.      Yixing teapots & tea sets

                           2.      Gardening products        

                           a.      Ceramic Bonsai pots
                           b.      Glazed ceramic pots
                           c.      Purple sand pots
                           d.      Ceramic garden pot
                           e.      Terracotta planters
                           f.       Clay Figures
                           g.       Indoor Pots
                           f.       Gardening supplementary products




Yixing pottery bonsai pot


Yixing pottery bonsai pots

                           3.      Ceramic Tablewares (Handpainted and decal series)

                           a.     20pc,16pc Dinner Sets,
                           b.     Dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls,caps & saucers,mugs
                           c.     Series of ceramic money saving cans & ceramic lucky cats

4.    Alumina ceramics (Electric, Mechanical  & Textile Ceramics)

        Based  on  mutual  benefits & profits,we do hope we can  have a further  cooperation with  our
        new & old  customers from both domestic and abroad for  the coming  bright  future.

Yixing pottery pot
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